One Simple Step to a Risk-Free Work Party this Christmas

It’s the silly season again and offices all over Sydney are decking the halls and celebrating with their office colleagues.

The one step that helps you to deal with colleagues like this…

We’ve all heard stories about office Christmas parties gone awry. Most office parties offer copious amounts of alcohol. Some hapless employees find themselves overindulging, resulting in sore heads and embarrassing trips to the boss’s office the following day to sheepishly apologise for that impromptu desktop strippergram or chatting up the CEO’s wife.

Although the vast majority of employees behave as they should – it’s an office party and therefore an extension of the workplace where employees should be acting professionally – you can help your colleagues avoid the Talk of Shame with one simple step.

Plenty of food and non-alcoholic drink.


Who wants a delicious homemade Waygu beef slider? Hint: all of your office colleagues after a few drinks.

Every work party is different and some will be more focused on activities and team bonding, while other gatherings will focus more on drinks and mingling. Whatever the occasion, ensure there is plenty of food and water / non-alcoholic beverages.

Lots of tasty food - happy hangover-free colleagues

Lots of tasty food – happy hangover-free colleagues

It is well-documented that food, particularly food rich in carbohydrate and protein, reduces the amount of alcohol that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Foods such as Wagyu beef sliders with homemade tomato relish, king prawns in a delicate pastry nest with parsley, garlic and lemon, crispy pork belly San Choy Bow with fresh chilli and crushed peanuts, and goat cheese and caramelised onion tarts taste delicious and add to the special, festive feel for an office party. But more importantly, providing lots of tasty and more substantial nibbles means more opportunity for all the champers and lager to get soaked up. The more delicious and exciting the food is on offer, and the more food you provide, the more likely your colleagues are to happily scoff away, keeping the hangovers – and silly behavior – at bay.

Caramelised Onion and Goat Cheese Tarts - to die for!

Caramelised Onion and Goat Cheese Tarts – to die for!

Readily available water, juice and soft drinks makes it easy for staff to reach for a refreshing and hydrating beverage. Alcohol, for all its liquid glory, actually dehydrates the body. Therefore, making sure water jugs are close to your colleagues can go a long way to replenish and rehydrate the body after a few cocktails. Lots of water = less hangovers.

Ahhhh - hydration!

Ahhhh – hydration!

Christmas is traditionally a time of indulgence and making merry. Alcohol, with its social lubrication properties, can add to the festive, fun feel of your office Christmas celebration. However, at one time or another, more than a few office workers have felt the twang of a hangover or a twinge of regret from overindulging at the Christmas party. By following the one simple step of providing lots of delicious food and non-alcoholic beverages to the staff, you’re helping to ensure your office Christmas party is hangover – and – embarrassment- free!


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