3 Sydney Pop-up Dining Experiences

Sydney is full of pop-up events – dining, drinking, shopping, athletic endeavors: you name it, and Sydney can probably deliver a unique, “blink and you miss it” event. Summer and early in Sydney holds several eating and drinking pop-up events that should fit the bill for a one of a kind night out – here are the You Chews team’s favorite options!

  • Minus 8: This Japanese eatery is only open from March through October, and as a testament to its exclusivity, the Minus 8 tagline is, “Ichigen-san Okotoawari”, which, roughly translated from Japanese means “Invited Guests Only” or “Top Secret”. This is a true underground dining experience insofar that there are only 12 invited guests allowed each evening and the location is unknown – plus, you need to provide the password in order to be allowed entry. Talk about top secret! We wish we could tell you more about the menu, but it changes often – just know that with an intimate group of 12 and a former Nobu (London) chef at the helm, you can’t go wrong.
    • Where: Top secret location
    • When: March – October (sign up to be on the invite list on their website)

Minus 8 Pop Up Dining Experience (image via Facebook)

  • Whisky Jerx:  Say what? A Wayne’s World themed bar in Sydney? Sound too good to be true? It’s not a joke, Sydney-siders; there is a new pop-up bar in Paddington, acting as a tribute to the 90’s SNL cult favorite. Whisky Jerx opens on February 25 through April 19 and pays homage to the characters we know and love. Whisky Jerx will boast several house made sodas (add your favorite booze or have a virgin cocktail) as well as five wines, beers and spirits. In another fun twist, the Nighthawk Diner will be serving up some munchies for patrons (we’re told jelly doughnuts will be on the menu.) The bartenders (and geniuses behind the pop-up bar) have said, “Sydney-siders will never have the same Whisky Jerx experience twice.” Party on!
    • Where: The Unicorn Hotel (106 Oxford Street)
    • When: Wednesdays through Sundays, February 25 – April 19

The Whiskey Jerx (image via TheGourmetTraveller.com.au)

  • Robots Unrivaled: Borrowing from Tokyo’s world famous establishment by the same name, Robots Unrivaled is the definition of the word “unique”. Although this event is now over, this part restaurant, part burlesque show, which could be found in Darlinghurst, featured choreographed robot battle dances, complete with a fluorescent light show, as well as delectable Japanese nibbles and cocktails. Did we mention there were lasers? Here’s to hoping that Robots Unrivaled returns to Sydney ASAP!
    • Where: 41 Street Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
    • When: February 23 and 24

Have you readers been to any of the above events – what did you think? Any others to add to our list? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section!


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