Burger Shack, Coogee Bay Hotel

Summer is all about spending your days by the beach and drinking beers with friends. The Coogee Bay Hotel is known for their drinks and brasserie that you can enjoy whilst sitting beachside. Now they have created a very affordable and tasty, Burger Shack! Sitting amongst the palm trees in the Beer Garden, Burger Shack is the perfect spot for afterwork drinks and a bite to eat with your work mates.

Coogee Bay Hotel has got you covered with delicious burgers, beers and the beach.

Think burgers that are packed with flavour, where the sauces drip down your fingers and create a delicious mess that you mop up with fries.


All burgers are $10 and they are serving up crunchy and tasty lattice fries.

The Pig is the answer to all of your burger cravings. Smoked slow cooked pulled pork, lots of apple slaw, crispy onions and the quintessential smokey BBQ sauce all packed into a brioche bun. Yum!


Burger Shack opened in November and is well loved by locals, now it’s time to bring your work colleagues and experience it for yourself.  If you’ve got a gluten-free friend there is no need to worry. The boys in the shack are very accommodating and might make you the burger between gluten-free lattice fries instead of the Brioche Buns. (If you are lucky.)

All the burgers come in baskets that you can enjoy at the pub or you can order takeaway and enjoy the perfect beachside lunch.

Lattice Fries: A basket of crispy fries with your choice of toppings or cheese sauce. (GF)


Uncle Kim: Korean fried chicken, chilli mayo, kimch and pickles cucumber.


Check out these other delicious combos:

Prawno: school prawns with shaved iceberg lettuce, tomato and seafood sauce.

The Shack: the essential yet classic beef pattie, jack cheese, fresh tomato, onion, ketchup, mayo and coral lettuce.

Pup: smoked kransky, cheddar melt, chilli and mustard.

Open Friday 4-10pm, Saturday 1-10pm, Sunday 1-8pm

Burger Shack
Coogee Bay Hotel- Beer Garden
253 Coogee bay road, Sydney



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