5 Food Trends Coming To You Chews

As You Chews continues to grow, so too do the food trends around Sydney. We want to keep up to date as possible and here are some of the current food trends that we plan have on board in near future…

1. Build Your Own Burger


Build your own burger with You Chews (image via: FaveTastes)

There’s nothing worse than seeing a menu item and salivating at the thought of the possibility of what could be served, when you see your most loathed ingredient featuring as a part of the description. At You Chews, we believe customer choice is of the utmost importance and what better way to offer this than to have a ‘create-your-own’ burger option, where essentially a burger bar will come to you. Everything from wagu beef patties, to slow roasted pull pork and sides – all at the tips of your fingers. Keep your eye out for this coming soon!

2. Fusion Foods


Shrimp crepes – a most excellent fusion option (image via FrugalCafe)

In Sydney, fusion foods are popping up everywhere; they have grown considerably since the days of “modern-Australian” and now range From Indo-Australian to Asian-French. As such, a dynamic way to enjoy different cultures flavours and traditions with a twist is something we are really interested in at You Chews. Who doesn’t want to blend their two favourite cuisines together? Gone can be the days of sitting down to your standard French crepes; why not sit down and enjoy French crepes filled with Asian-inspired garlic prawns? We’re very excited about bringing this type of cuisine on board and will hopefully be offering this in the coming weeks.

3. Paleo
The Paleo diet has recently really taken off in Australia. Essentially, the Paleo diet consists of a ‘caveman diet’, where participants eat unprocessed meat, fruit and vegetables. Although they are unable to eat or drink diary, grains, legumes and alcohol, there are many new eateries stepping up to the challenge of creating incredible dishes revolved around the Paleo diet. Some of the examples that we have seen so far are almost enticing enough for us to take on the diet. As we like to cater for all needs, we have been sourcing the best Paleo foods around Sydney and can’t wait to bring them to you soon!

Paleo noodles

Paleo noodles

4. Vegan

Chipotle Grilled Tofu Tostadas

Chipotle Grilled Tofu Tostadas (image via bFeedme)

Similar to the Paleo diet, veganism has taken off considerably in the last few years in Australia. The vegan diet allows for any foods that are not derived from animal products. This means they rely heavily on legumes, vegetables and grains to satisfy their nutritional needs. As somebody who had never tried vegan food until recently, I was in awe of what I experienced. There are genuinely incredible vegan foods out there, with such depth of flavor and something a little bit different from the ‘norm’. We have been scouring local vegan eateries and are so excited to have found some of the most amazing vegan foods on offer!

5. American-style BBQ


A true American style barbecue – yum!

In Australia, we have always adopted some American food trends and rightfully so! American’s create some of the best food trends worldwide, and when we heard of the new trend in American BBQ, we were immediately on it. When someone offers succulent BBQ ribs, BBQ pork belly and slow roasted pulled pork – how could anyone say no? As a devout fan of American styled food, it was imperative that we got this on board ASAP. We’re currently in the process of sampling different American BBQ’s and will hopefully have these foods on offer in the next couple of weeks.

Why wait? Head over to You Chews to find out about the amazing foods we already offer!


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