The You Chews Guide to March into Merivale

As you walk the streets of Sydney,  you may have noticed the posters, banners and the ads on buses featuring, March into Merivale.

The line up of foodie events ranges from evenings of dessert, wine and cheese nights, big parties and pop up bars. If you are interested in celebrating with some of the best in the foodie industry check out what is happening over the next few weeks.

As well as the great events listed below, March into Merivale is hosting a number of smaller weekly events such as date night, yoga by the Ivy Pool, mystery dinners and great nights out. Head to their website for more details.

Around the World with Merivale Wines

With your glass in hand, make your way through Merivale’s world-class wines. There will be over 135 Merivale Wines on offer from over 14 countries with fine cheeses on the side. For the wine lovers in Sydney this is not just a tasting but an expedition from Tuscany’s Chianti Region to New Zealand’s Mountain vineyards.

This list of fine wines has been hand-selected by renowned sommelier Franck Moreau and will be a great treat to get you through the week.

Find out more

Wednesday 11 March, Ivy

We love our wines at You Chews but we are more cheeseboard kind of people. If you love your canapes and cheeses check out these caterers for your next work meeting… Swiss Raclette  plus Artisanal Gourmet Canapes! 

Coogee Foreshore Festival

Launching on March 15th, this beach party will take over Coogee Pavillion with a marketplace, pop up food bars, games, live music and more.

Featuring the foodie fineness of Papi Chulo, Mr. Wong, sushi e and El Loco with live performances by Lulu Raes and Deus Ex Machina. Plus games for all ages!

Find out more

Sunday 15 March, Coogee Pavilion

Psst! Keen to get your favorite foodies on the platform? Don’t forget you can suggest foodie businesses  for us to put on our platform – email us here.

Wok On!

An Asian inspired marketplace is about to be set up in The Establishment, with glowing neon lights, asian inspired food, drinks and dancing. This event is the perfect way to spend your afterwork drinks. Plus, they Asian food lineup is pretty impressive with Ms. G’s, Mr Wong, Sunee’s and sushi e!

 If you can’t make it you can consider ordering the Asian Inspired menu here.

Recently, March into Merivale hosted: Just Desserts

Who can say no to desserts for dinner? Not me! Last week, I made my way through 4 of Sydney’s finest desserts on offer. This was not your ordinary New York Cheese Cake event (is there such a thing?); this was the refined and deconstructed version of beautiful cakes, Oreos and ice cream + espresso martinis!

This year the dessert menu featured Mr Wong, est., Lorraine’s Patisserie, Ms.G’s and Merivale Events. Honourable mentions to all but Mr Wong took the cake (pun intended) with his unbelievably good deep fried icecream in a coconut batter.

Wednesday 4 March, Establishment

Even though you may have missed out there is nothing stopping you from devouring some of the new Glazed Sydney Artisan Doughnuts now available on our catering menu!


March into Merivale 2015
23rd February – 29th March
Tickets and information are both available at


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