Are you serious?

Are you serious, I mean really serious about creating a viable food business? Do you want to earn a living off your burning passion for food, leaving your normal 9 to 5 behind? There are many of us out there who could only dream of leaving our stressful office jobs to follow a true passion.

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This may seem like the impossible, but really, it’s not. If you are serious about wanting to make the change and want to create a successful small food business, consider these points…

1. You must have the passion

The food industry is not always an easy one. There may be some weeks where you will be so busy that you won’t have time to consider anything else, particularly during peak times such as Easter or Christmas holiday periods. There may be some weeks that are quiet – perhaps a little too quiet for your liking, but that’s all part of the business. There are peaks and pits of every industry, however, the food industry can sometimes ebb and flow very quickly. To make it through these tough times, you must have that burning desire and passion for food to pull you through.

2. Obtain an ABN

To operate any business in Australia, you must obtain an ABN (Australian Business Number). Obtaining an ABN indicated that you are a registered business within Australia and are able to earn money from it as a result. An ABN can be obtained from the Australian Buisness Register website. The best thing of all? There is no fee involved with applying for an ABN.

3. Find a commercial kitchen

Sydney laws can be a little bizarre at times, leaving us to wonder at times ‘why, oh why?!’; the food industry laws in Sydney provides many of these moments. To operate for financial gain, most councils in Sydney state that you must be producing your goods from a commercial kitchen. However, other councils allow you to apply to have your household kitchen be considered for a ‘commercial’ status, on a smaller scale. A good ways to overcome this issue is to approach a local established café or eatery that has a commercial kitchen and propose the idea of allowing them to use their kitchens when not in use, for a fee. You can also rent commercial kitchens by the hour, for a reasonable fee from TempKitchenRent.

4. Get Insurance

To operate as a food business, it is legally required that you have “Public and Products Liability” insurance. This can be obtained at regular insurance companies such as NRMA and Allianz Proof of business plans and operations is required and after a consultation, this is generally quite simple to acquire. 

5. Understand Food Standards

The food standards in Australia are strict (as they should be), and they must be adhered too. These outline general food standards, Food product standards, food safety standards, and primary production standards. Although the documents are quite lengthy, it is imperative that they are understood and followed. You can check them out at the Food Standards Code.

6. Complete a Food Business Notification

Each state has their own “Food Business Notification” process, in which the person who intends on opening, or operating as a food business must complete. It is a simple application form that is sent to the respective state authorities that outlines their intentions, general information about the business and they way in which it is run. This can be completed online for NSW at Food Notify NSW and should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

Dreaming of a food business? Peruse these considerations to help you to get started on that dream!

7. Enjoy!

Ride the wave, there will be good times, tough times and everything in between! Its all part of the journey, just enjoy it – perseverance is the key, if you really want it, you’ll make it happen. Put everything you have into it and you will be rewarded!

If you’re a newcomer to the industry and looking for a platform to get your incredible food out there, we are always looking for new vendors at You Chews. If you think your food belongs on our menu, drop us an email, and we will see what we can do!

The CEO of You Chews, loving what she does!


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