Food Culture: The BBQ Trend

There are always new and different food trends hitting Sydney, and the world, really – and some of them have some real staying power. Take cupcakes, for instance: who would have thought that a $5 cupcake would still be a food trend, going strong, more than 10 years after artisanal cupcakes hit the scene?

Cronuts are another bakery goodie that, while hasn’t seen quite the global reach as cupcakes, is a food trend that still manages to have folks lined up for several hours, around the block no less!, to get their hands on one of the delectable (and trendy) croissant/donut hybrids.

So what are we looking at for 2015? We’ve seen toast take the United States by storm in the last few months, but that seems a bit vanilla for Sydney-siders’ taste. No, nothing as bland as toast or as sweet as a baked good: we’re anticipating that this year you will be swept up in the BBQ food trend. Come and get it!


American-style BBQ is sweeping Sydney….and You Chews! First things first, meat – glorious meat. From fried chicken and sticky ribs to pulled pork, there are plenty of BBQ eateries in Sydney to choose from if you’ve got a hankering for some BBQ goodness. Brooklyn Social, Papi Chulo, the Firetruck (food truck) and Sweethearts Rooftop are some of our personal faves over here at You Chews.  We’d love to hear yours in the comments below, as well!

You know another favorite of ours? Smokin’ Babette’s, one of our vendors extraordinaire! If delicious, slow-cooked meats, infused with that authentic smokey flavor is your bag, definitely check them out for your next lunch via You Chews. Wings, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, all of which can be served with a Southern pickled coleslaw, we’re getting hungry just thinking about it 🙂

But in all seriousness, be on the lookout for more and more BBQ joints and vendors throughout Sydney over the coming months – we’re certain they’ll continue to take over the city. And if you need a little “cheat sheet” on authentic American BBQ, we’re got you covered with the infographic below. Bon appetit!

BBQ Infographic


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