Healthy Alternatives to Kid’s Party Food

It is no secret that at a kids’ (however big or small) party, the guests are greased up with quintessential party foods: cake, pizza, chips, fizzy drinks.  But the thought of sugar-fuelled five year olds can make any adult weep, and, in the long run, these treats instill unhealthy habits.

Here is You Chews’ list of healthy party food alternatives:

  • Lollies
    • Lollies are not only bad for general health because of the sugar content, but also detrimental for pearly whites. Replace bowls of lollies with fresh fruit- watermelon, grapes and mangoes are among kids’ favourites.
    • Get creative with interesting serving ideas, check out the Sesame Street faces for themed parties. If fresh fruit on its own is just not appealing to picky eaters, how about serving fruit set inside jelly cups?
  • Chips
    • Instead of the usual deep fried snack, opt for a variety of baked fruits and vegetable chips. There are plenty of DIY recipes and you can choose from sweet potato, carrot, apple and kale chips. Also, skip the tomato sauce and cheese sauce and choose a homemade hummus or salsa.

Healthy food is better for your kiddos – and can be fun too 🙂

  • Pizza and hot dogs
    • Often these are lunch staples, but they are also quite greasy and give upset tummies for kids who might require a gluten free diet. If you want to stick to finger food, how about fresh rice paper rolls? These rolls are easy to pick up for little hands and can be filled with roasted pork belly, vermicelli noodles and crispy salad. Also, with they are a gluten-free, lactose-free and they can be adjusted for vegetarians too!
    • Vietnamese Banh Mis are also a fantastic substitute for hot dogs as they offer more crunchy veggies inside than just browned onions. These buns are filled with typically pork, but there are also chicken, beef and peking duck varieties.
    • For an easy DIY option that is healthy and customisable, try making wraps with tortilla skins. There are plenty of savoury options such as chicken, spinach or even tabouli, or turn them into a sweet treat by spreading nutella or peanut butter and rolling up a banana!

Try subbing rice paper rolls for hot dogs or pizza – You Chews offers a great selection! Image via You Chews

  • Fizzy drinks
    • Fizzy drinks not only encourage cavities and weight gain, but also do not do a great job at keeping the children hydrated. Instead, refresh your guests with some cool fruit slushies! Blend up watermelon, mango or other chopped fruit with some ice and keep it fun with bendy straws.

6 Healthy Food Swaps (for kids and adults!) Image via

And while you may think that You Chews only caters to more adult tastes, you never know what foods children will enjoy until they try! We pride ourselves in providing a wide array of healthy meal options, but with some more splurge treats mixed in. Be sure to check out our website for a list list of offerings in your area.


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