Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

FRD FLYER 2015 v002

  • What is it?
    • With an army of ambassadors and social media savvy volunteers, Jamie Oliver is mobilising the world and declaring a ‘Food Revolution’. May 15, 2015 is Food Revolution Day- a global day of action to put food education on the school curriculum.

Image via FoodRevolutionDay.com

  • Some alarming statistics for you to chew on:

Image via HealthData.org

  • How can you be involved?
    • Sign and share Jamie’s petition to make food education compulsory in all G20 countries!
  • Challenge for YOU!
    • You Chews would like to YOU to get on board with the Food Revolution and host a healthy workplace lunch! Make it a goal to eat healthier at every meal and lead by example to your colleagues, friends and family!

So there you have it! Jamie Oliver’s Who says healthier foods are bland or boring? We offer lemon chicken and quinoa lunch boxes, rice paper rolls and stuffed bagels. Hungry? Check out the You Chews menu for more delicious healthy catering. Remember to #foodrevolutionday and post it on social media! Our founder Liz is a dietician, and believes in the mantra of not wasting calories on bad food – not a bad one in our opinion!


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