Croissant Crawl

There’s nothing quite like a croissant: shaped like the moon, tastes like flaky, buttery goodness. Needless to say, I love a good croissant (well, who doesn’t?). But what really makes a ‘good’ croissant? Croissant Reviews narrows it down to six categories:

  • crunchiness
  • flakiness
  • consistency
  • airiness
  • butteriness
  • roasted flavour

When I was invited by Sam Nabi, the founder of Croissant Reviews, to organise a bakery crawl on behalf of You Chews, to find and review the croissants of Sydney, I was more than ready to indulge myself.

Croissant heaven!

Onwards to my croissant tour!

St Honore Bakery (Chocolate Croissant)

On my way to the city, I thought I could drop by the well-known St Honore Bakery for a croissant. My guts told me to pick the chocolate one and I’m sure glad I did! This is the definition of a well-balanced croissant that will cater to all people – not too crunchy, airy or buttery.

Neu’s (Plain Croissant)

While Neu’s wasn’t originally on my list, I was excited to see its stall at the Saturday Newtown Markets, selling freshly hand-made German bread and knew I had to grab one. And the German was prominent in this one, redefining the soft, flaky and buttery croissant I am used to. The crunchiness and roasted flavour excelled in this one, with a salty flavour that came through.

Infinity Bakery (Almond Croissant)

Forgive me for my ignorance, but I have never tried an almond croissant before! What was I doing all these years?! I fell in love with this one: it was sweet yet had a strong nutty and roasted flavour, it was crunchy on the outside yet nice, flaky and soft on the inside.

Infinity Bakery (Chocolate Croissant)

After struggling to find another variant of a croissant, I opted for another chocolate croissant at Infinity Bakery since I enjoyed their almond croissant so much. By this point, I was struggling to put another croissant in my stomach but nonetheless, this croissant did not disappoint. The chocolate inside was delectable and not too overwhelmingly sweet. Overall, the croissant was a little buttery but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Not a bad way to end the day.

I learnt a few things on my mini bakery crawl. One thing I discovered was that there are so many elements that can make a croissant unique and special. It was interesting to see that my friends and I all had our own favourites, although all of them were very enjoyable to try. The other thing I learnt (or failed to realise) is that bakeries do run out of croissants if you’re not smart enough (like me) to go early. There were so many bakeries I wanted to conquer but failed to do so because they ran out of croissants! Not to worry, I guess that’s another croissant crawl I will have to go on to discover the best croissants of Sydney.

Where else should I have visited? Let me know about your favourite croissants in Sydney and maybe we can add them to our platform and share the croissant love!


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