Food in the Office is the Ultimate Team Building Exercise

Food is universal and brings people together. Treating your team to a meal together is a fantastic team building exercise. As your staff unwind over a bagel or some tender pork, the personal stories will flow and foster stronger bonds between colleagues. Creating an environment that encourages positive working relationships between people, can increase productivity and bring people together according to Entrepreneur Magazine among other benefits.

Well fed employees are happy employees! (Statistics and image via Entrepreneur Magazine)

Well fed employees are happy employees! (Statistics and image via Entrepreneur Magazine)

Bringing people together over food creates a fantastic company culture. Forbes speaks about how to build a great company culture. Forbes asks the question… Does free food make for a happier workplace? The answer is YES!

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Increased employee productivity and ultimately, improved ROI (Statistics and image via Entrepreneur Magazine)

There are many ways to bring people together with food, such as morning tea, a team lunch or providing some canapes at afterwork drinks. There are even more reasons why hosting a team building meeting over food is successful for any company.

  • Food brings people together
    • “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.” Giada De Laurentiis
    • Everyone has to eat, which makes food universal, and it one of the easiest ways to get everyone bonding and having fun. It can provoke happy memories and it can create discussion, which helps build the team.
  • It’s fun
    • The fun environment is a welcome change from the ebb and flow of work life and does wonders for team building, in a work environment that feels social.
  • Food fosters improved communication
    • Food in the office is an easy way to create a relaxed social environment, where people instinctively put down their barriers and feel more free to talk with other.The informal setting creates a more social environment and can lead to friendships and in turn better communication between colleagues.
  • Rewards or incentives for your staff
    • Acknowledging the hard work done by your staff, by rewarding them with team meetings with great food. Or you can incentivise them to get more work done so they get a fabulous team get together.
  • Improved productivity
    • Have you ever noticed that just after lunch, you have a renewed energy and your focus is much clearer? Well the same principle applies to team lunches just multiplied with others sharing the team lunch. In this way, the informal environment leads to success in the formal workplace.

You Chews recently found a few big companies that bring their staff together with food and the benefit it has on their company. One of our favourites is, EventBrite, who regularly host team lunches and encourage their employees to go on outings together, including free breakfasts and lunches.

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