Catering for the Opportunists at UTS – one muffin at a time

We’re back from catering at another great event! This time it’s Project Pitch, a lean entrepreneurship weekend organised by the University of Technology Sydney.

P1060806-1Opening talk by UTS alumni Rob Castaneda, CEO & Founder of Service Rocket

The aim of the event is to increase knowledge amongst UTS students of the opportunities to develop their own business. Our aim at You Chews being in attendance at the event was to support these young, bright minds with food and fuel to get them through the action-packed weekend!


When planning such a large event, you can expect a diverse amount of attendees. And with that comes many diverse appetites. The initial brainstorm with the organisers led to them producing a laundry list of dietary requirements that would ordinarily be challenging to cater for.


After reviewing the requirements, we decided to recommend the Light and Fresh Breakkie provided by our vendor Orto Trading Co for breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday morning of Project Pitch. The menu is as follows:

  • Freshly-baked artisanal muffins with luscious flavours such as white chocolate and raspberry
  • Mini muesli pots filled with house-made toasted muesli, Greek yogurt and topped with seasonal fresh fruit
  • Seasonal fruit skewers paired with a vanilla yoghurt dipping sauce

This menu isn’t just beautifully presented and packed with healthy options – it also covers all your bases as an event organiser. While the menu is relatively simple, it is clever in that it caters for a wide variety of tastes and dietary needs. Muffins offer a bit of a sweet treat, muesli pots accommodate for the healthy eaters and for the gluten frees the fruit skewers are a good option with the creamy vanilla yoghurt making it just that bit more filling. Above all, it’s a nutritious meal that will keep the teams energised throughout the day.

Now – let’s get back to the event!

P1060841-2Matthew Ho, Co-founder of Native Tongue Labs and Tapmint with You Chews founder and CEO, Liz Kaelin

P1060816-2Liz was also present on the weekend as one of the Project Pitch mentors

P1060851-130 second icebreaker pitches

It was inspiring to hear so many unique perspectives from Project Pitch participants on how to solve large social problems. All in all, Project Pitch was packed with incredible insight and valuable learning experience and we’re happy to have been part of it. Congratulations to the winners, all participants and most of all the organisers for such a well-run event!



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