Finding ‘The One’: How to ‘Chews’ your Next Christmas Caterer

medium_unnamed__1_.jpgKirsty Lou’s Kitchen

As the number of weeks… days even (eep!) before Christmas disappear before our very eyes, an all important question nags at the office workers’ consciousness: who will be feeding us at this year’s Christmas party?!

Finding a good caterer for any event can be a daunting task. Luckily, the You Chews team came together and brainstormed a list of their best tips for those of you made to delve down the harrowing path.

medium_breadfern_5small.jpgBreadfern  Redfern Bakery 

1. Have a Vision

It is crucial that you have an idea of what kind of catering you are searching for. Does the smell of a roast dinner make you weak at the knees? Or does the thought of Spanish tapas coming towards you at a function make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Whatever it may be, hustle your team together and make the call on what will warm your bellies the most.

medium_The-Char-Rotisserie-Chicken (1).jpgThe Char Rotisserie

2. Research, Research, Research 

From here on, a meeting with your prospective caterer, or perhaps more simply, an old fashioned stickybeak of their online catering menu is a must. You wouldn’t meet up with your Tinder match without first and foremost looking at their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts…right? In both cases, but more importantly when it comes to food, you need to have that good feeling. A sense that everything will turn out just peachy in the knowledge of a high quality product meeting you on game day.

3. Think Outside of the Box

It is crucial to flex that inquisitive muscle and explore your food options before your office unanimously decides on what cuisine type they are after. As easy as it may seem to go for the platter of stodgy party pies and ambiguously titled ‘sausage’ rolls, why not instead contemplate that delicious tray of Mini Peking Duck Pancake Rolls. Or perhaps a Festive Lebanese Buffet, comprised of falafel and spiced mini lamb koftas (um, yes please).

medium_Middle_eastern_feast2.jpgKirsty Lou’s Kitchen

4. Consider the Finer Details

Establishing the logistics of how the food will arrive and what you will need to prepare before the event are also key before the commencement any successful catered function. The last thing you want is Pete from HR being forced to temporarily leave the party just to pick up the food, or Kate from Marketing being told that there are not enough mini sliders to go round and that she’ll have to do without. It’s all about nailing those nitty gritty parts of the plan.

medium_Photo_29-08-2015_4_36_03_pm.jpgTransform Kitchen 

5. ‘Chews’ You Chews!

With all these points taken into consideration, there is really only one thing left to do – hop onto and pick from one of the multiple Christmas menus on offer! For a limited time only, You Chews will be offering a mouth-watering assortment of Christmas menu options, from hearty Christmas feast platters to Festive Asian Finger food. Don’t worry, on this score, we’ve got your back.



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