Tis’ the Season to be Thrifty! ‘Chewsing’ a Christmas Caterer on a Budget

breadfernBreadfern Redfern

Christmas time is nigh and a sense of merriment is certainly in the air. Lights, decorations and trees have already begun to flood both people’s homes and public spaces, acting as the catalyst that brings people together in both celebration and reflection of the year gone by. There is however a sad underbelly to the otherwise jovial festive season, that being grossly inflated prices.

That being said, having a kick-arse Christmas function doesn’t necessarily mean having to blow the budget. On the contrary, the You Chews team have created a list of their top budget tips that will keep you well and truly in the festive spirit!

medium_26.jpgMakMak Macarons

Brunch it!

Not only is brunch one of the best things ever to have graced the Western world, it also makes for the perfect opportunity to celebrate without the hefty price tag of a full sit-down meal. And let’s face it, nothing says “I love you, team” like a box of freshly baked, beautifully buttery pastries from Breadfern Redfernor a tray of homemade artisan macarons from MakMak Macarons. Coming in at around $5 per head, your wallet and your team will well and truly love you back.

medium_Middle_eastern_feast.jpgKirsty Lou’s Kitchen 

Go ‘Au Naturale’

With the warm sunshine and sand literally on our doorstep over the festive season, why not consider having your Christmas party picnic style in a park or by the beach? Without the cost of an indoor venue hovering over your head, you will not only save some precious dollars but also be able to inject a greater proportion of the kitty into the food, yippy! The ingenious team at Picnic Vibes have got you covered, offering a fun, colourful picnic inspired package with delights such as chocolate coated fruit, vibrant salads, meat skewers, cheese plates and more! At $15 per person, cue drool…

medium_Screenshot_2015-11-14-22-58-19NEW.pngPicnic Vibes 

Seasonal and Localised

Choosing a menu that offers seasonal, locally sourced produce is another sure fire way to reduce your overall spending. Bondi’s local foodie hotspot, Char Rotisserie  offers a daily rotating menu with items such as a Chooky Fill Roll, Lemon Chicken and Quinoa, Red and White Bean Salad and Crispy Potatoes. $15 a head did you say? Yeah I did. 

medium_DEC-6399.jpgChar Rotisserie

Get Creative!

The overarching theme in each of these ideas is that creativity really is key. If you ask us here at You Chews, the time is nigh to ditch your old-school perception of Christmas as an eight course tidal wave of calorie dense dinners and grease laden platters and go back to basics. Honest, delicious food will leave your guests merry as can be, minus the food baby. With such a diverse array of food choices out there, from Asian Finger Food to a Mexican Fiesta, your options are well and truly endless.

For more inspiration on how to feed your team without breaking the bank, jump onto www.youchews.com.au!


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