The Contemporary Catering Canvas: Disrupting the Limitations of Dietary Requirements

DSC_0390.jpgAlmond Bar

The catering scene of yesteryear can be remembered in several, often saddening, lights. Greasy, buffet inspired dinner meals and ‘heat and eat’ stodgy canapes often come to mind, leaving party goers with not much more than the taste of disappointment in their mouths. Factoring in the individual’s intolerances to food containing gluten, wheat, dairy and nuts was often more of an afterthought, leaving the signature ‘I’m allergic to everything’ guy with a choice of nothing, served warm with a side of ‘FOMO’ (google it).

Photo 29-08-2015 4 35 47 pm.jpgTransform Kitchen

That being said, it is time to fear no more diet-restricted friends! Contemporary catering menus are transforming before our very eyes. The You Chews team have joined the plight against restrictive catering companies, promoting a wide range of different food options on their platform, designed to keep everyone at your Christmas party well fed this year.

Transform Kitchen, one of Sydney’s tastiest lunch delivery services, function on the premises of flexibility and imagination, using only the freshest, locally sourced produce. Their healthy canapés offer the token vegetarians in the office individual caprese skewers (think cherry tomato, baby bocconcini, basil bites served with a divine sticky balsamic glaze), not to mention yummy zucchini fritters served with a dill creme fraiche. Adios par-frozen mini quiches!

Photo 29-08-2015 4 35 30 pm.jpgTransform Kitchen 

The owners and sister duo of Almond Bar are equally passionate about creating nutritionally positive, delicious food. Inspired by Syrian culture, their menu goes to show that gluten free and vegetarian options don’t have to be bland or uninspiring by any stretch. Don’t believe me? Take a look at their halloumi (cheese of the Gods), watercress, lentil, roast capsicum and mint salad. If that doesn’t take your fancy,  wrap your ears around the sound of their signature Fatteh, comprised of layers of crispy bread, chick peas, tahini, eggplant, pinenuts and almonds. Let it be known that as you read this, tummies are collectively grumbling in the You Chews office.

37.jpgAlmond Bar

Hello Pizza also knows where it’s at when it comes to keeping the office happy at Friday drinks. Pizza and beer, need I say more? And before your vegan and gluten intolerant colleagues get all up in your grill about being ‘exclusionary’, take note people that gluten free and vegan options are available upon request, oh yeah!

medium_hellopizza.jpgHello Pizza

With menus like these and many others at our fingertips, long gone are the days of ‘one-size-only’ catering packages, lacking both in inspiration and creativity.

Today’s increasing awareness on allergies and dietary requirements have forced Sydney restaurants and caterers to either adapt to new eating restrictions or risk losing their competitive edge. But as the old adage goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and we eaters benefit the most from new and creative meals!


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