Get ready Sydney. Poke is here.

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What is poke???
Poke (pronounced poh-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian dish spreading in popularity across the world. 

Taking Los Angeles, New York and now Sydney by storm. Poke is comprised of high-quality raw fish sliced into cubes, combined with various mix-ins such as avocado, mango, nuts, lots of veggies, and tasty sauces all served up perfectly in a bowl. In Hawaiian, poke actually means ‘to section’ or ‘to slice or cut’. It’s sorta like Hawaiian style sushi.

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Poke history and evolution

Although, traditionally prepared in Hawaiian homes from local fish, seaweed and roasted nuts, poke is easy to customize and lends itself perfectly to the special touches of individual chefs. Beginning in 1991, poke competitions held by Hawaiian Chef Sam Choy brought culinary diversity and visibility to this traditionally home-cooked meal.

Japanese influence brings shoyu, sesame oil and green onions, while California has added jalapenos, kale, and tortilla chips. Here in Sydney you can get poke with coconut milk and citrus, beetroot and carrot, salmon and wasabi and much more.

Poke is completely customizable. And that just might be why this dish has expanded so successfully throughout the world.

Additionally, poke is inherently super healthy. Raw fish, nuts and veggies. Protein, good oils, the all-important veggies, and gluten-free to boot! Could it get any healthier? It fits right in with the health conscious culture brewing in the affluent western world.

Instead of grabbing a heavy burger or an unfulfilling salad for lunch you can grab some poke. The lightness of a salad mixed with satisfying and filling proteins.

Many poke restaurants have opened in California and New York. The same thing is sure to happen here in Sydney… that is once hungry Sydneysiders get there hands on some poke!

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Sustainable poke

While poke is delicious and nutritious(!), its overwhelming popularity could create environmental issues, as a food suited to the culture of Hawaii is adapted on a worldwide scale.

The people of Hawaii are connected to their food and environment in a way that many of us cannot understand. We have become detached from our food. Just try and have a conversation with someone about the fact that their burger was a cow, that their fried chicken used to cluck, or that workers were exploited to pick the apple they are eating. They probably won’t want to talk about it. This is a disconnect.

Recognizing that food is completely intertwined with us and our environment allows for responsible consumption and production of food.

Hawaiian culture understands this connection. But, as poke moves out of Hawaii and into the hands of the constantly consuming western world things could get a bit ‘fishy’. Consuming too much unsustainable fish could decimate populations of fish essential for maintaining ecosystems.

And so it becomes essential to bring Hawaiian food values along with poke as it travels across the world. Serving only local, fresh, and sustainable fish in poke.

You Chews food partner, Poke, is committed to these values. Serving up delicious poke that is healthy for you and the environment.

poke 3

Give poke a try!

Spice up your office with poke. Conveniently served up in bowls with delicious flavor options and healthy ingredients. It’s the perfect addition to any catered event. Check out Poke’s menu on You Chews and bring this great dish to your next event!

Be a trendsetter and get your colleagues hooked on poke.

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Images provided by Poke!




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