Curbing Office Munchies: Seven Snacks You Should be Bringing to Work

You’ve arrived to work and spent the last two hours actually getting work done. Basking in the glory of your self-discipline, you realise however that it’s 11-something a.m and your body is crying for a snack.

It may be that emergency chocolate bar, or perhaps that entire tray of biscuits in the break room (who even puts those there…) calling your name. Regardless, productivity levels are plummeting and it’s time to make a judgment call.

Photo 6-11-2015, 1 02 43 PM.jpgKnuckles Sandwich Bar 

As worrisome as that morning or afternoon snack attack may feel, getting the office munchies doesn’t have to mean blowing your self professed ‘my body is a temple’ mantra. Here at You Chews we have created a list our top seven office snacks that will keep you firing on all cylinders.


Do you find yourself staring at your computer screen for hours on end, fantasising about the snack that never ends? It’s time to get acquainted with popcorn. Rather than going for the super buttery kind, try air popping and seasoning with a little sea salt. Super tasty goodness, minus the guilt factor.


Peanut Butter (spread on anything)

If you’re like me then you think peanut butter (or any other type of nut butter for that matter) represents the perfect balance of sweet yet salty spreadable happiness in a jar. Try smearing it between some celery sticks, or using it as the glue between a few slices of banana. Or if you want to get really fancy, spread a decent amount on a piece of mountain bread, top with cinnamon and proceed to roll into a mini wrap. You can thank me later.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Coming in at around six grams of protein per egg, these little guys will keep your blood sugar levels stable and make for a really convenient work snack. Best eaten with a good sprinkling of salt and pepper, simple but delish!


Fresh Veges & Hummus

You may roll your eyes at the vegetable and dip combo as seen at most generic BBQs and other social functions. But it works. If you want to get creative, try chopping up a variety of seasonal vegetables such as fresh capsicum, mushrooms, sugar snap peas and green beans. Pop them in a little zip-lock bag with a tub of hummus before work and you’re in business.


Frozen Grapes

Regular grapes look like peasants food after you’ve experienced them in their heavenly frozen form! Before you go to bed, hand pick as many as you like and place into a freezer friendly container. Your tomorrow self will thank you.


 Protein ‘Bliss’ Balls

These little bite-sized snacks are all the rage amongst the hipster, paleo and ‘clean eating’ communities. But if we are being honest, they’re actually really tasty. Employing a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, cacao, coconut, whey concentrate (I could go on…), a protein ball combined with a black coffee is a match made in heaven.


Corn thins

If you’ve recently joined the low-carb bandwagon, then the corn thin phenomenon is perfect for you! Combined with ricotta, sliced tomato and a bit of avocado, you have yourself the ultimate good fats/protein ratio designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer, minus the bread bloat.


Images:  Dollar Photo Club and Lorna Jane #MoveNourishBelieve



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