Employees Happiest Hour

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! It’s off to work we go!

Have you ever wondered why Snow White’s seven dwarves were so efficient and productive? Snow White knew the secret to keep them all happy (well, besides Grumpy).

Delicious and nutritious food brought to them while they work!

United business team

Image supplied by Coachcora

Bring food into your office

An office is no different than the forest where the seven dwarves worked. Keep the people in your office satisfied and loving their work by bringing food to them. Providing a scrumptious meal eliminates worry about packing or buying food, as well as the possibility of your lunch going ‘missing’ from the staff fridge.

A fun team lunch will remove stress and the potentially hangry co-workers from your office. Not only will everyone’s mood and attitude change for the better, but everyone will be mentality prepared to work hard for the rest of the day. (See our blog Motivated by Mouth, for more info about how food effects productivity.)


Free food makes everyone happy. Its a scientific fact. So, why not try having a Wednesday lunch pizza party? From only $7.50 per person you can raise morale and it’ll be a brilliant way to push through the mid week blues. Full bellies make for an enjoyable office.

Image supplied by You Chews 

Celebrate with a cocktail party

The happiest-hour definitely happens on Fridays with a cool beer or a spicy glass of wine in hand. Usually outside of the office, but why not encourage friendship and fun inside the office? Hold a Friday evening cocktail party where co-workers can relax and chat. Maybe talk about work, but maybe not. An informal event brings people together, and a friendly office is a happy and productive office too.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.34.40 PM

Image Supplied by Gainesvillescene

Have fun experimenting with different foodie events in your office, and watch everyone’s happiness and productivity increase. Lunch or cocktails are staple events, but a great breakfast or brunch would also perk up the office on a sluggish Monday morning.

Be creative with you food, and have fun feeding the office.


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