3 Reasons Why Eating Lunch With Co-workers is Beneficial

What sounds more appealing: eating your leftover salad from last night while scrolling through Facebook, or chatting with Sally from marketing about your weekend while you share a catered meal?  You won’t believe the 3 reasons why you should eat lunch with your co-workers.

  1. Promotes team bonding– having the entire office meet at lunch allows you to talk with people from different departments.  Talking to new people will not only help you network in house, but it is also a great way to gain a new perspective. Take this time to exchange ideas and solutions to company problems.
  2. Breaks down formal barriers of the office– eating together allows everyone to sit down and connect on a personal level. No matter if it is the CEO or the new intern, everyone can socialize on the same level at a lunch event. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you also have the opportunity to build relationships outside of the office. (And who doesn’t want more friends?)
  3. Helps keep stress levels down– friendships formed at work are proven to be some of the most powerful relationships in our lives. It is important to have someone to talk to in a stressful environment. Having someone to talk will genuinely make you happier, and make getting through the workday a lot easier (promoting productivity).

Believe it or not, tasty, pretty food will allow for better conversation. No one will give more than a comment about a soggy sandwich, but everyone will love talking about Wednesday’s taco tray


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