5 Must Haves to Throw an Award Winning Melbourne Cup Office Party

Melbourne Cup is coming up quickly. How is your office going to celebrate this year? Here are the 5 must haves to throw a legendary Melbourne Cup party in your office.
  1. TV- a big screen TV and a big meeting area is necessary so that everyone can watch the race. Make sure to find the correct channel before the event so you will not miss the race at 3pm.
  2. FOOD- no party is complete without finger foods and canapés. Keep the food simple yet chic. Sliders, dips, and finger foods are great options. Make sure you have a lot of food to go around, since everyone will be hanging around all afternoon to watch the races. Caitre’d has got you covered – check out these cheese platters from Delisse Cafe or some hot spring rolls from Steel Bar.
  3. GAMES- if you are having office sweepstakes make sure that they go around in the morning. Other party games you can play are pin the tail on the horse, horseshoe quits, or trivia.
  4. DECORATIONS- if you can’t go to the track, then bring the track to your office. Have everyone wear his or her craziest race hat.
  5. ALCOHOL– Pop the bubbly for the winner (only if your boss is OK with it, of course) but provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to keep everyone hydrated, and top up the snack table just in case the team needs extra nibbles to soak up that bubbly!

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”


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