Curbing Office Munchies: Seven Snacks You Should be Bringing to Work

You’ve arrived to work and spent the last two hours actually getting work done. Basking in the glory of your self-discipline, you realise however that it’s 11-something a.m and your body is crying for a snack.

It may be that emergency chocolate bar, or perhaps that entire tray of biscuits in the break room (who even puts those there…) calling your name. Regardless, productivity levels are plummeting and it’s time to make a judgment call.

Photo 6-11-2015, 1 02 43 PM.jpgKnuckles Sandwich Bar 

As worrisome as that morning or afternoon snack attack may feel, getting the office munchies doesn’t have to mean blowing your self professed ‘my body is a temple’ mantra. Here at You Chews we have created a list our top seven office snacks that will keep you firing on all cylinders.

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The Contemporary Catering Canvas: Disrupting the Limitations of Dietary Requirements

DSC_0390.jpgAlmond Bar

The catering scene of yesteryear can be remembered in several, often saddening, lights. Greasy, buffet inspired dinner meals and ‘heat and eat’ stodgy canapes often come to mind, leaving party goers with not much more than the taste of disappointment in their mouths. Continue reading