Croissant Crawl

There’s nothing quite like a croissant: shaped like the moon, tastes like flaky, buttery goodness. Needless to say, I love a good croissant (well, who doesn’t?). But what really makes a ‘good’ croissant? Continue reading


Where to eat after midnight in Sydney

The clock has ticked over and it’s past midnight…I’m hungry! Where can I eat?

After a busy day or a long night, time slips away and it can be after midnight before you remember to eat. In your deranged state of hunger you look around at your options. You know there is a McDonalds down the road but you are using your will power to refrain. Surely there is somewhere that is open late for a feed! Continue reading

The You Chews Guide to March into Merivale

As you walk the streets of Sydney,  you may have noticed the posters, banners and the ads on buses featuring, March into Merivale.

The line up of foodie events ranges from evenings of dessert, wine and cheese nights, big parties and pop up bars. If you are interested in celebrating with some of the best in the foodie industry check out what is happening over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Burger Shack, Coogee Bay Hotel

Summer is all about spending your days by the beach and drinking beers with friends. The Coogee Bay Hotel is known for their drinks and brasserie that you can enjoy whilst sitting beachside. Now they have created a very affordable and tasty, Burger Shack! Sitting amongst the palm trees in the Beer Garden, Burger Shack is the perfect spot for afterwork drinks and a bite to eat with your work mates. Continue reading

Pub Review- the Bat and Ball Hotel, Surry Hills

From the outside, the Bat and Ball Hotel looks like your average neighbourhood watering hole. But once inside, it reveals itself as an English-themed pub; there are London Underground maps and other British paraphernalia on the walls, and the menu boasts of Pom influence- pickled eggs, bacon chip butties, and a sauce collection prominently featuring Heinz brand tomato sauce and sweet chilli, Colman’s mustard and the obligatory HP sauce. Continue reading